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About us: Partners

Collaborations are vital to the success of our business at Igyxos.

We have established alliances with the following organizations.

In 2020, Selexis and Igyxos entered into  a service agreement to utilize Selexis’ proprietary SUREtechnology Platform™ to rapidly develop the cell line to advance the program in human trials.

In 2021, Baccinex and Igyxos entered into a service agreement under which Baccinex will produce IGX12 Drug Product for clinical studies.

logo ERBC_edited_edited_edited.jpg

From 2022, ERBC has been performing the toxicological studies in animals to support IGX12 entry into clinics.


In 2020, Merck and Igyxos have entered into a service agreement to produce IGX12 to support pre-clinical and phase I/II clinical studies.

In 2022, Anaquant provided analytical support for the validation of IGX12 production process this ensuring high purity of the clinical product.

logo CRS.jpg

CRS was selected by Igyxos for the performance of its phase I clinical studies which have been initiated in 2023.

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